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Debtors Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Cramdown Their Home Mortgage

4th Circuit rules that debtors filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy can cramdown their home mortgage if the home mortgage matures before their last chapter 13 payment due date.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: A Fresh Start

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is another very common type of bankruptcy and is a very helpful tool for reorganizing your debts and getting a fresh start, and this article explains the benefits of the chapter 13 bankruptcy and how it’s different from a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The Means Test in Bankruptcy

The Means Test essentially looks at the median income for your household size in the state that you reside to determine if you qualify for a chapter 7 and is also used to determine the length of your chapter 13 plan.

The Automatic Stay and Co-Debtor Stay

The automatic stay is one of the most compelling benefits of filing for bankruptcy. It stops most collection activity and gives you the space that you need to reorganize your debts.

Statement of Intention in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The Statement of Intention for Individuals filing Under Chapter 7 lets the court, the chapter 7 trustee, and your creditors know how you wish to handle secured debts and leases.

Financial Documentation for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a process that evaluates your entire financial picture, including all assets you own, all debt that you have and your monthly income and monthly expenses (your budget). Steiner Law Group uses all of these items to prepare your bankruptcy in a manner that is complete, accurate, and in your best interest. This article addresses the most common financial documentation needed, and why it is needed.