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What Should You Do If You’re Over the Chapter 13 Debt Limit and Looking to File for Bankruptcy?

Did you know that you are ineligible to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if your debts exceed a specific amount? In other words, it’s possible to be over the Chapter 13 debt limit.

How to Deal with Assets During Bankruptcy

One of the primary concerns that many individuals have when filing for bankruptcy is what assets will need to be taken and what assets can potentially be retained

Why Should You Choose an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney?

An experienced bankruptcy attorney knows how to negotiate on your behalf for a resolution that benefits you today and tomorrow. You get what you pay for, and a less-experienced attorney could make missteps that cost you a great deal.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney

The decision on which attorney to retain for your bankruptcy is an important one, and should not be taken lightly.  I have put together a list of bankruptcy questions that many of my clients have asked, and that every person thinking about bankruptcy should ask. 1. What are the benefits of a Chapter 7 compared…

Steiner Law Group helps college student sued by state university.

Steiner Law Group helped out a college student that had to withdraw from college due because he lost his scholarship funding. The college tried to sue him for over $10,000.00 for a semester that he wasn’t even enrolled or living at the college, and for another semester in which he had withdrawn halfway through the…

How bankruptcy helped our client who was wrongfully sued and lowered her car payment.

Steiner Law Group recently filed a bankruptcy on behalf of an elderly client who was wrongfully sued and had a judgment against her. We were able to get her monthly payment reduced.