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Complex Bankruptcies

While you might understand the basics of filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Maryland, the reality is much more complex. Steiner Law Group, LLC offers guidance throughout the bankruptcy process for both straightforward and complex cases.

No Bankruptcy Is Too Complex

At Steiner Law Group, our reputation is built around our unique ability to help individuals and businesses with complex challenges file bankruptcy and work around any hurdles. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are viable options for many people, and we can untangle your financial situation and determine what the best path forward is for you.

What Can Create a Complex Bankruptcy?

A great number of debts

Low income

When a lawsuit has been filed by a creditor

One spouse filing bankruptcy and the other not filing

Inability to repay debts under existing interest rates or repayment schedules

When someone seeking to file bankruptcy exaggerated income to obtain a loan

When someone seeking to file bankruptcy has multiple businesses or variable income

When a pending divorce is involved


Work with a Partner Who Understands Complex Bankruptcies in Maryland

When the bankruptcy process is complicated, you need the right partner on your side to look out for your best interests and discern the best path forward. Steiner Law Group has worked on a number of complex bankruptcies in Maryland. If you aren’t sure what the best path forward is for you, please contact us today.

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